Ride & Thrive with G.R.I.T.

GRITWhy you need it and how you develop it

If self doubt and fear of failure is greater than your desire to succeed, you've set yourself up for failure already.  GRIT helps you develop a picture of personal success and the skills to achieve this.

Who is Ride & Thrive for?

The programme is for riders, coaches, mentors and those who create environments for riders to thrive.

So what is G.R.I.T ?

It is an innovative programme that builds rider resilience and inspires talent development. It is facilitated by a team with international equestrian and multi-sport expertise.

Why G.R.I.T.

To perform and achieve, requires ‘grit’. This is a sense of purpose, courage, determination, focus and resilience.
G.R.I.T. is a fusion of real world sporting experiences with cutting edge science (research) from the new and potent disciplines of applied positive psychology, positive psychotherapy and performance psychology.

6 days over 6 months. Venues around the country. Each day will excite & stretch, challenge & support.G.R.I.T. is a flexible, participant-led programme. There are take-away resources, readings and challenges to reflect upon.

Each day will be delivered by Prof. Tony Ghaye and he will be assisted by one of the coaching team.


Hidden Treasure: Participants will share their practical wisdom in different ways (eg. Written words, pictures, music, artefacts etc.) Through structured reflection-on-action they will increase their courage in naming what works and what no longer serves them well.


Stepping into the Light: Participants will explore how to positively embrace their ‘shadow’ side, avoiding becoming the rider or coach/mentor they do not wish to be.


Commit to Purpose: Participants will be offered practical ways to ‘energise their focus’.(re-connecting to what they care about most) and how to improve the way they ‘focus their energy.’


More of what Works: Participants will learn more about how to ‘motivate riders through appreciation’ and how they can amplify rider confidence & self-belief by enabling them to recognise the best in themselves.


Roots & Wings: Participants will be helped to discover and build their ‘strongest self’. Enhancing resilience will enable participants to conquer fear, embrace challenge, overcome uncertainty and fly.


Don't get psyched out: On day 6, participants will explore how to get psyched up for competition rather than psyched out! Intimidation, choking, killer instinct, body language and more will be explored.

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Professor Tony GhayeProfessor (dr) Tony Ghaye, Cert. Educ., B.Ed (1st Class), M.A., PhD., FRSA. Professor in Applied Positive Psychology Loughborough University in London.

After a peer review, Tony was regarded as a global leader in his field, a world class facilitator and one of the UK’s top six action researchers.  He works to enable those in sport and business to be the best example of themselves, when it matters most.  He brings the disciplines of positive psychology & positive psychotherapy, together with education and health to improve performance.

Tony has worked in 8 international universities in Europe, the Far East and in Australia, has written 16 books and 132 book chapters and research papers on enhancing performance, for various audiences.

Tony works to create environments so that ‘promising’ performers through to world class athletes can flourish. Tony has worked for the British Equestrian Federation, British Dressage, the National Development Programme for Equestrian Coaching Excellence, the Ministry of Defence Equitation Team, the English Rugby Football Union, the Football Association, British Rowing, the England and Wales Cricket Board as well as for specific sports organisations and clubs.


Marie RyanMarie was selected to be part of BEF supported National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence (NDPCE)  in 2016, where she gained greater knowledge about the importance of language and emotional muscle in sports psychology, which she now uses in her coaching approach. It was on this programme that she worked under Professor Ghaye and subsequently continued her work with him alongside a group of other coaches from the NDPCE to develop Ride & Thrive with G.R.I.T.


The Team

The NDPCE group, coordinated by Nicky Fuller (BEF) provided the platform for the development of the Ride & Thrive with G.R.I.T. programme.

The team comprises:

Professor Tony Ghaye

Marie Ryan

Victoria Gallantree

Michael Paveley

Joanne Burns-Firth

Amanda Leaker

Anita Darken

Sarah Thorne

Lisa Morris

Penny Sangster



Christine Shubrook

Sue Chadwick

Tori Peter

Mia Palles-Clark

Sarah Tubbs

Sarah Houlden

Nadine Warwick

Hannah Jackson